Knife and scissor care

Blade care

A sharp tool is less dangerous than a blunt tool.” Less effort is needed to make a cut. This statement is even true for knives and scissors.

After getting your knives sharpened we recommend that the knives are stored in the original knife block, upside down, this protects the edges and saves the block from unsightly wear( when the knives are pulled in and out of their slots,) or alternate they are stored separately in a draw or ideally on a magnetic knife holder, mounted close to the prep area.
To prolong sharpness, Knives should only be used on wooden / plastic cutting boards, never use Pyrex cutting boards (promoted as odor free cutting boards), granite or stone cutting boards (the coolness of the stone excellent for pasta making only), sinks or bench tops, these surfaces destroy edges quickly.

Knives should be washed under running water and carefully dried after use never put into the dishwasher as the heat and chemicals could ruin the blade and handle.

When your knife feels a little dull, use a sharpening steel to restore the edge, depending on usage maybe once a month, but if you find that you have to steel more often or the knives seem constantly dull get Master SHARP in to resharpen them. Talk to our Master SHARP operator for a quick demonstration on how to use a steel. Demonstrations are much easier to grasp than looking at photographs or drawings. And we would be more than happy to show you how at the time of your appointment.

Scissor care

Scissors once sharpened should be kept in a safe place away from prying hands. Your scissors would have been sharpened to the angles that suit the material you are cutting. Cutting other than the material specified will reduce sharpness and cutting material harder or thicker than was specified could actually ruin edges and wreck light scissors.


🔪Knife sharpening is done using a unique “calibrated wet stone knife sharpening system”, this method produces a precise edge along the length of the knife. No free hand (by eye), or guess work sharpening here.

Master Sharp prides itself on excellent workmanship, we use the best machinery available. We only remove the minimum amount of metal in order to get an edge, we know how expensive your items are, and don’t want to ruin them.

🔪Have peace of mind knowing that your items are in safe hands with Master Sharp we know what we are doing.🔪

🔪 All items are cleaned, tested and adjusted before returning to the customers. 🔪

🔪For commercial sites Master Sharp can organize maintenance programs to suit individual needs.🔪

Please note* Domestic customers, a minimum amount of items required.We also do garden tools upon request, please send us an email to find out more.


Our knife refurbishment program allows you to turn the clock back on your treasured cutting tool and take it back to, if not better than factory state. Take these custom blades that one of our clients have had remanufactured, sharper than new and fitted with high quality and heavy duty acrylic handles.

We use only the finest materials and all of our work is done by hand. If you have a treasured knife that needs a new lease on life, give us a call!