Knife Customisation

Knife customisation and re-engineering

As a hospitality professional or savy home chef your tools of the trade need to be precisely to your liking to maintain maximum efficiency, for this mastersharp offers a full knife customisation program! We specialise in all facets of knife customisation from custom handles to patterned spine applications.

We make only the best functional art, where the beauty is not only in the details but also in the desired use. Mastersharp custom knives are designed to your aesthetic liking but more importantly designed around the way YOU cook! Individualisation by look alone is not enough, so we are able to shape the handle to your preference, engrave , etch and file custom grooves for maximum tactile and visual efficiency and finally we are able to create an edge that suits your style of cooking !


🔪A clever chef doesn't buy knives on repeat ( maybe on impulse 🤣), they buy them to last a lifetime!🔪 Sharpen your image with a full rejuvenation service to get you knife up to scratch and remember, with the right care your knife can last you for generations to come ! 🔪👨‍🍳👩‍🍳🔪

And yes! We stock a wide section of one of a kind, unique and exotic knives