Master Sharp is a fully mobile precision workshop that comes to you in self powered vans. No more dirt, dust and disruption to your work place. We only specialize in the sharpening of hand knives, scissors, hairdressing scissors, and clippers.

🔪Knife sharpening is done using a unique “calibrated wet stone knife sharpening system”, this method produces a precise edge along the length of the knife. No free hand (by eye), or guess work sharpening here. Scissors are sharpened on our exclusive Master Sharp scissor sharpening machine, which is fully calibrated and adjustable, No free hand (by eye), or guess work sharpening here.

With our specialized machinery we can even recut serrations in bread knives!

Master Sharp prides itself on excellent workmanship, we use the best machinery available. We only remove the minimum amount of metal in order to get an edge, we know how expensive your items are, and don’t want to ruin them.

🔪Have peace of mind knowing that your items are in safe hands with Master Sharp we know what we are doing.🔪

🔪 All items are cleaned, tested and adjusted before returning to the customers. 🔪

>🔪For commercial sites Master Sharp can organize maintenance programs to suit individual needs.🔪

Full discounts to regular clients, on replacement of worn out knives and scissors. We now offer an overnight mail order service to our interstate customers, email us for details on packaging and posting.
Please note* Domestic customers, a minimum amount of items required.We also do garden tools upon request, please send us an email to find out more.